Launch of Camilleri Galea ltd. certified public accountants

July 26, 2010
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On 26th July 2010, the newly formed company Camilleri Galea Limited started delivering accountancy, auditing and other related professional services. Camilleri Galea Limited is a company registered as a firm of Certified Public Accountants authorised to act as auditors in terms of the Accountancy Profession Act. Camilleri Galea Limited is a continuation on the high quality services that used to be provided by Mr. Daniel Camilleri, CPA, as a sole practitioner, but with a difference!

Our identity is about much more than a logo. It also represents our deep commitment to our clients. The primary objectives of this very important undertaking were two-fold: develop a more professional, stylish and recognisable identity that clearly embodies our distinctive personality and create an appropriate visual presence for the new Camilleri Galea Limited.

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