Statutory Audit

greater reliability in assurance services

An audit is an opportunity to view your organization more globally and go well beyond the numbers.

Audit services relating to historical financial statements have long been viewed as the CPA profession’s core product. In today’s fast-moving business environment many users of financial information are demanding greater reliability of financial and non-financial data.

At CamilleriGalea we offer a broad range of services that go beyond the numbers. We help you assess and ensure the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, formulate solutions to your business problems, and evaluate your company’s financial performance.

In order to ensure quality in our assurance services:

  • All professional personnel are required to confirm their independence with respect to the firm’s assurance clients annually.
  • We have rigid standards for acceptance of new engagements. New engagements require being evaluated prior to being accepted.
  • We require mandatory consultation with specialists on difficult accounting or auditing issues.
  • An independent audit support consultant regularly reviews our work, and we have always received a “clean” opinion in these reviews.
  • We conduct our own internal peer reviews on a regular basis.
  • We invest more training than required by professional standards.
  • We invest in the latest software tools that are updated continually.