VAT department issues guidelines for the treatment of the lease of an aircraft

The VAT Department has recently released a set of guidelines stipulating how aircraft leasing is treated for the purposes of Value Added Tax. A lease agreement of an aircraft is an agreement whereby the lessor, being the owner of the aircraft, contracts the lessee the right to use the aircraft against payment of a consideration… read more →


Double tax treaty between Malta and Switzerland enters into force

The Double Tax Treaty between the Swiss Federation and Malta for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income should have effect as from 1 January 2013. This development is particularly relevant for companies and individuals established in Malta who receive income in the form of dividends, interest and royalties from Switzerland… read more →


Income tax exemption for artistic royalties

Income tax exemption for artistic royalties The Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment had announced in his November 2011 budget speech that an Income Tax exemption was to be introduced in respect of royalties received from certain copyrightable intellectual property on books, film scripts, music and art. This exemption is now in force. The.. read more →


Guernsey concludes comprehensive dta with malta

Guernsey has announced the signing of a comprehensive Double Taxation Agreement with Malta, which will allocate the territories’ taxing rights to ensure that double taxation is removed from bilateral trade and investment, and also permit tax information exchange on request. The agreement is Guernsey’s third comprehensive DTA, following agreements with United Kingdom and Jersey. However,.. read more →


Malta’s ship register largest in europe

For the first time in its maritime history, Malta has the largest ship register in Europe, Transport Minister Austin Gatt said this morning. Addressing a press conference about the Malta Maritime Register, the minister said Malta was seventh in the world, increasing its tonnage by 16 per cent last year over 2010. Malta’s register was.. read more →