Indirect Tax

VAT Accounting Services can prove essential for the smooth running of your business and to ensure you comply with any statutory requirements. Our VAT accounting services vary from providing advice, helping you register for VAT or undertaking your VAT accounting and preparing and filing your VAT Returns and can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Since VAT requirements and options can vary significantly between large and small companies as well as business sectors & the products and services provided, VAT advice can prove invaluable in navigating the VAT system & avoiding penalties.

Working with you as your business grows, we can also provide you with VAT advice that ensures you are aware of any changes in the VAT obligations of your business.

CamilleriGalea also offers a VAT Returns Service, whereby we assume responsibility for the timely preparation and provision of your VAT returns to the VAT Department.

We also give advice on indirect tax matters such as ECO Contribution Tax, duty on documents (stamp duty), customs duties and excise taxes.