Company Formation & Company Administration in Malta

a full range of company secretarial services, designed to ensure compliance with statutory obligations.

We are able to provide a complete compliance service together with registered office and company secretary facilities. Our advisory service covers all aspects of Company Law including specific advice on more complex matters as required.

The company secretarial department provides a full range of company secretarial services that are designed to ensure compliance with statutory obligations and avoid the risk of penalties. The services can be delivered either as specialist ‘one-off’ advice or assignments or, more typically, as ongoing annual compliance support. We aim to deliver a tailor-made solution best suited to particular needs.

Our services include:

  • Company incorporation and registration
    CamilleriGalea attends to all the formalities associated with the incorporation of a new company. CamilleriGalea provides cost-effective and efficient incorporation services in Malta and caters for establishing tax-efficient structures to suit your particular requirements. We can assist you with making the right choice of jurisdiction, type and name of company. Our Company Formation Pack and our Fee Schedule for company formation and company administration services is available on request.
  • Reservation and change of company name
  • Preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
    The Memorandum and Articles of Association of a company regulate how that company can operate. We can advise on the most appropriate share capital structure and tailor the constitution accordingly, including preparing all requisite documentation. We tailor the constitutive documents of your company in accordance with your specific needs and to enable the company to undertake the desired trading, holding or other activities.
  • Malta domiciliary and Registered Office Facility
    A registered office is the address of a company to which all official and statutory letters and reminders will always be sent. A registered office need not be the same address as the company’s principal place of business but must be located in the same jurisdiction as that of the company’s incorporation. CamilleriGalea provides dedicated registered office facilities in Malta as required by law, irrespective of the place where the company’s business is conducted. In compliance with local legislation, the company must keep all statutory records and other documents which must be available for review. CamilleriGalea are also able to assist in the location and rental or purchase of office and other commercial premises for your business in Malta.
  • Preparation and filing of all returns
    We will prepare and file the client company annual return each year on a client’s behalf ensuring that the filing deadline is met. We will also notify the client each year in advance of the annual accounts filing deadline, sending all necessary documentation to ensure the accounts are filed timely and efficiently.
  • Assistance with board and shareholder meetings
    We will, upon request, prepare all paperwork relating to structural changes in a company including, amongst other things, changes in officers, share transfers and allotments and accounting reference date. We will advise a client, if applicable, when the annual general meeting is due and provide all necessary documentation for signing, including circulating to shareholders. Alternatively, we can prepare documentation for the adoption of Elective Resolutions dispensing with various formalities, including the holding of an annual general meeting. If required we can attend any meetings in an advisory capacity.
  • Share capital reorganisation, purchase of own shares and other specialist transactions
    We can provide professional advice and assistance on practical aspects of company law and complex issues such as share restructuring, pre-emption provisions, bonus and rights issues, and purchase of own shares. We can also provide advice on the legal requirements governing company stationery.
  • Company Liquidation
    We will prepare all the necessary documentation for signing and statutory filing, ensuring any filing deadlines are adhered to.
  • Due Diligence
    We can undertake a comprehensive review of a company’s statutory registers and filing history to ensure the company is in compliance with legislation.