Back Office Services

It is widely accepted that outsourcing services can deliver real benefits, both commercial and economic. CamilleriGalea corporate compliance support can help when you have time-critical or volume-based transactions or if you want to outsource routine tasks on a wholesale basis. In some areas, this has long been common practice, but with corporate activity moving at a rapid pace, other areas of work can benefit from the efficiencies an external provider brings.

At CamilleriGalea, we also offer back office services to clients. Such services include administrative and clerical services in relation to or in support of any type of business or professional activity.

These type of services may range from routine clerical tasks to accounting and any other specialized services which a company might require. Such services include:

  • Bank accounts can be opened in any of the world’s major currencies and all banking support may be given including bank account management and processing transactions on your behalf.
  • Provision of registered office and mailing address.
  • We can provide you with your own local telephone number and a professional receptionist answering your calls.
  • Immediate acknowledgement of mail sent to your clients and immediate forwarding of mail to you by e-mail or fax .
  • Maltese mobile phone numbers with international roaming facilities in almost all countries worldwide.
  • Fax lines for your company; faxes from clients are immediately answered with an acknowledgement and then forwarded to your e-mail address.
  • Maltese e-mail addresses for your company which you can access from anywhere around the world.
  • Secretarial services including relaying of your mail/faxes/e-mail to clients worldwide.